VO Day & Friends

Virtual Observatory and Science Gateway Workshop

INAF-OACt, 17-19 December 2013

VObs.it, with support by the CoSADIE project, the Italian center for Astronomical Archives - IA2, and INAF-OACt, with the support of the ER-flow and SCI-BUS projects, organize a 3-day workshop having as the main topics the Virtual Observatory (keeping on national dissemination on this topic) and the Science Gateways (enabling applications via web graphical interfaces, a growing major interest in astrophysical community).
The workshop will consist in a half day overview of the topics and two days of hands-on work with existing tools and tutorials.

If you are interested but you are not able to reach the workshop location, if you're able to use the INAF GARR VConf system, please register anyway and tell us. we will set up the videoconference for you.

Info & Contact: Riccardo Smareglia or Marco Molinaro

Ugo Becciani
Giulia Iafrate
Marco Molinaro
Fabio Pasian
Massimo Ramella
Riccardo Smareglia (chair)
Ugo Becciani
Alessandro Costa
Eva Sciacca

Workshop Program

Registration & Participants


Registration is free of charge. Just mail Marco Molinaro to register.
Funding (a limited amount) is available to support workshop participation; if you are interested please contact organizers for details.

If you would like to participate but you are unable to get to Catania for the workshop consider following it via videoconference. An INAF GARR VConf room will be set up for this purpose. Registration is required also if you choose this solution and remember that you will need to check at your own local institute if the local videoconference system is available in the needed days.
(Check if there are already participants from your institute that are registered for videoconference so you can organize together for the vconf system settings)

Participants' List

Currently Registered



The VO tutorials have the following software requirements: a web browser, TOPCAT and Aladin tools. The latter two must be the latest version available. All OSes shoul be ok, given these two tools are java applications.

Science Gateway hands-on will require a web browser only. We kindly ask the participants to create in advance personal accounts on the ViSIVO Science Gateway (see below). The second part of the workflows hands-on will be performed on Taverna.


Science Gateways Tutorials

The Science Gateways Tutorials 1 & 2 will be performed on the VisIVO Science Gateway. Please create an account to the gateway.
The VisIVO Tutorial (pdf) will be used for tutorial 1.
The Workflow Tutorial (pdf) will be used for tutorial 2. The second part of tutorial 2 will follow this step-by-step guide.
Both guides contain links to the datasets and scripts used during the tutorials.

VO Tutorial 1 - NGC4039

Here you can find the printable version of the CDS tutorial using the CDS Portal and Aladin. The Aladin script used in this tutorial can be downloaded both from the online version of step-by-step guide or here.

VO Tutorial 2 - Globular Clusters

Here you can find the step-by-step guide of the second VO tutorial. This tutorial uses Aladin and TOPCAT and requires no extra files.

VO Tutorial 3 - A short course on ADQL and TAP

A printable version as well as an online one is available for this tutorial that uses TOPCAT as the main tool.

Treasure Hunt

You can find the FITS image needed for this hunt here: SDSSi.fits

Logistics & Accomodation

Getting to Catania and INAF-OACt

To get to Catania city center from the airport you can take the Bus 457 (Alibus), it runs every 30 minutes up to 24:00. A ticket stand is found in the airport building.
In alternative a taxi costs about 28 € (but we recommend to ask the driver in advance for the actual cost).
To reach the INAF-Astrophysical Observatory of Catania from Catania downtown, and backwards, please use the Bus BRT1. This bus runs every 7 minutes. You can take it at the city centre (Piazza Stesicoro or Via Etnea) and stop at Policlinico (via Santa Sofia 89), then enter the main and follow the signs to arrive at the Observatory (5 minutes walk, aim for the observatory dome).
Local transport (AMT) bus tickets fare is 1 € (valid for 90 minutes from validation) or 2.5 € for a daily ticket. Tickets need to be purchased in advance. Both Alibus and BRT1 are AMT service, here (AMT website) you can find route information and ticket resellers. This map may help you while using the BRT1 line.


LOC and the Manganelli Palace hotel have reached an agreement for accommodation at the following rates:
69.00 € - Standard Double for Single use
79.00 € - Standard Double
84.00 € - Superior Double for Single use
94.00 € - Superior Double
Rates are intended for B&B accomodation, VAT and taxes included but excluding the tassa di soggiorno ('stay tax', 1.5 € per day). To book the hotel with the agreed rates send an email to info@manganellipalace.it (or call +39 095 7151842) with the code GRUPPO INAF. A valid credit card is required for confirmation.